day seven: home office

So a lot has changed since my last post. i have learned that working for a corporation has its downfalls and protocols and certain ethics. well let me start by telling you the service desk at my wal-mart closes at 10pm. we dotn have any service desk associates scheduled after 10. so naturally when we do pulls at night, which is resetting the registers for the next day we pull the drawers at the desk at 10. well we went to pull the desk drawer and at 10:20 a former employee comes in to get a money order, we informed the customer that the desk is closed and to come back tomorrow. well the customer continued to do their shopping and on their way out the door stopped and informed the other csm and myself that they will be calling home office tomorrow. well, not only did the customer call home office but they called the store and spoke with my manager. i was toldi handled the situation wrong, and that the desk will stay open till 11. ok so the next couple of days the same customer came in and shoppped and i didnt talk to her or anything. well i went to the desk for something and that customer walked right over to the desk and started complaining about me. apparently i dont talk to them now after they reported me, and that i was rude and they dont want to hear me say anything about them. oh and that the desk should be open until 11 not 10. well now that the desk is open until 11 they havent been in. oh did i mention that before they called home office on me i never spoke to her anyway? i dont even know who she is i never talked to her before why start now? but that wasnt the whole of my night. i later had to deal with an irate customer because they bought a tv for the superbowl and they bought the tv more than 15 days ago and they bought the extended warrenty. the customer explained that the tv just went out and we explained how he had the warranty he needed to go through that company that we couldnt do anything about it. he flipped out saying thats what he gets for buying chinese made shit from us and next time he will go to best buy or whatever. and went in the parking lot and started to throw carts. so we deducted that he just bought it for the superbowl because the company would fix it and he just wanted his money back. oh and then i was told an associate was going to file harrassment on me for askign them to do their job… yeah. and i was supposed to bring my moms van to her house at 11 and they would bring me home. well i was wearing toms and they are slippery when when wet. and i fell down her stairs. seriously. i cried my eyes out and i just want to curl up and die. god i hate my job.


day six: need a hand?

so there is one cashier that gives me no respect, and she recently got coaching for being rude to me,. one person out ot 234 ish, just one! and recently we got into it and it really upset me so i wrote a statement about what had happened. when i went out back to hand it in the cashier asked another front end associate what was wrong with me. well the other csm was right there and they began to talk about the situation which is fine. however it crossed the line when the csm told the cashier that if i wanted to be a csm i need to leave my feelings at the door, get over things and be stronger or i shouldnt have the position.  arent you supposed to support me and not belittle me to the one cashier that already doesnt respect me? i guess not, so ive been a zombie today, and im not ashamed to admit to liking it.

Day Four: SPH

in case you arent aware, sph is scans per hour, which is calculated by the number of items you scan divided by the time it took, our store goal is 900. so as a Customer Service Supervisor my job requires me to make sure that my cashiers are reaching that goal. so i took it upon myself to go around explain the sph and our goal and how they can improve their numbers.  keep in mind most of my cashiers are seasonal, and will be gone in a couple of days, so really im just wasting my time. So i pep talked all of them and we had a mutual understanding. Yesterday i was informed that i need to raise the sph. I said ok i will talk to the cashiers and get them moving. The store manager then explained, over the walkie so all the workers could hear, that talking doesnt do anything that i needed results. and i need to take action as well as realize that it is my responsibility. OK. so let me explain to you in lame mans terms, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink. that’s where I’m at in this. Does the manager want me to scan items for them? or maybe i should bring in the cattle prod and get them moving. either way, there’s nothing i can do. whelp.

Day Three: A Man’s Job?

So as you know I am a Customer Service Supervisor at Wal-Mart. What you might not know is I am a 21 year old female. Things i didn’t think affected my work ethic. Yesterday my cart pusher was on lunch and we were running low on carts. well kinda anyway, i was yelled at by our store manager that I am ti inform her whenever they go on lunch, so we can get coverage. Keep in mind, I was never told this nor were the other csms, so it just pissed me off. Well I gave my walkie and handheld device to the other csm and went out to push carts. I like to push carts, it gets me outside and away from all the crap. I had at least 4 customers come up to me and tell me that i was doing a man’s job and to go back inside, that it was too much for me. -_- seriously? Maybe it’s because I’m so small, and they felt bad, but I grew up cutting and stacking wood. I grew up doing work, not playing with Barbies! It irritated me that women would say such things to me, I felt almost insulted. Women fought hard for the right to work, do not take that away from me, or tell me it’s too much for me.

Day Two: Fire Lane take two?

So iwent back and spoke with management about my rude customer last night, and they told me to start threatening calling the cops. Well today they called the cops and they told us they wouldnt come down for such a thing. So we put cones all along the fire lane. The same guy from last nigth came in and looked right at me, his face went red, im sure from embarrassment. When i looked at him he looked right down and wouldnt give me another glance. i think he took the cones as a f you., and realized how wrong he was. anyway the rest of the day was smooth sailing, and the ass got the proof he needed to keep his mouth shut. yay me for using brains over power!

Day One: The Fire Lane.

Ok so as I mentioned in my last post I am a supervisor at Wal-Mart. Today my shift was a 2pm-11pm, which is a closing shift for day managers. I could tell today was going be one of those days when I was running a little late, followed a bus and lost my pen, as I anticipated my day was full of enjoyment. We had 16 cashiers and 14 registers, and no patience. Soon those problems were resolved, and I was running everywhere getting this one change, and that one a price check, and counting that one’s drawer. Needless to say I was spread too thin. We have an assistant manager that comes on for the overnight shift, and she’s just doing her job, but people see her as mean. I for one have no problem with her and I get along with her, it could be because of my position in the complany, who know doesn’t matter anyway. Well she came in and spoke with me about the fire lane and how I need to be keeping an eye on it and making sure it’s empty. So with that I went outside and checked to make sure it was clean and to my surprise it was empty. I sent my service desk associate on her last 15 minute break, so walkied to me that there was a car. So on my way i went to rectify the situation, as i approached her car she rolled out the window. I began to explain that I was a supervisor and she needed to mover her car to a parking spot, tat the fire lane was a no parking zone. She replied somewhere in the lines that her husband would be out any second, and she will be gone. I continued to plea with her, told her how I was just being yelled at by my boss about the parking. She looks at me smiles and says just for you I will move. She turns her car on I walk towards the door and when she didnt see me anymore she turns her car off. Thank you kindly for moving your car. So not twenty minutes later my car pusher comes inside and tells me he asked a guy to move his car from the fire lane, and the guy told him that a parked car is one that all the people have gotten out of and he was in the car so it’s clearly not parked. The cart pusher came in and told me I should go talk to the guy about moving out of the fire zone because he was rude. So I walk out and approach the car, He opens up the door and I greet him and told him that he needed to move his car out of the fire lane. He gets out of the car, I thought he was going to attack me, I could see the cart pusher move into view as he saw the guy jump out. The man then began to scream at me because he wasn’t in a “fire lane” that there weren’t any signs to say it was. I explained to him that the yellow slanted lines in front of a building indicate no parking, or fire lane. He told me he knew all the laws, and that I should learn them before i start moving cars. I tried to point out the Fire lane signs but he wouldn’t let me speak. He then asked to speak to a manager, and when i told him i was one, he asked to speak with someone who runs the store. I told him i’d be more than happy to get my assistant manager out here. dont forget everyone knows they have a bad attitude. Have I mentioned how mad i was? Oh well If i didn’t, just imagine telling someone to move, and having them scream in your face. Oh did i mention how much I hate telling people to move? Oh if I didn’t do that either, just know i have a problem with authority I don’t liek being told what to do or telling people what to do. Maybe I just need a stronger backbone. Regardless, I hate this whole situation and that is exactly why, people don’t listen and they scream at you. anyways, he told me he wanted the store manager and I told him they will be in tomorrow please come have a chat. His wife came out, and says is there a problem? I explained to her that they were parked in a fire lane, and before i could continue she laughed and said people park here all the time have a good night and got in the car. Then he yelled at me about the people that are always in the fire zone. I told him my name and that when he came in the next day i expect to included on the conversation he had with the store manager. When I walked in after all that bs the cartpusher said that he saw him jump out of the car at me and felt like he was going to attack me and thats why he came outside to make sure it didn’t get out of hand. welp